1. Jay says:

    Cool idea! Looks like it came out well and definitely helps organize. I use a tool box but it isn’t as handy as a peg board. One Q- does the marker rub off where the tools touch and when you grab something off the board? Seems like you may end up redrawing not infrequently. And tools being dirty- the white might not last long. OK, and why did you install the pegboard as 4 pieces instead of 1 or 2 sheets?

    • Lauren Chapin says:

      Thanks, Jay! The marker can rub off but I haven’t really been having an issue with it. It’s been my experience that the longer dry erase marker sits, the harder it is to erase it without spraying dry erase board cleaner on it and now that the marker lines have been on there for about 3 months, they’re pretty well set. Our tool collection seems to grow with every project and I just couldn’t bring myself to commit to the standard method of outlining with permanent marker. And yes, white isn’t all that practical but isn’t it beautiful?! (This round: Architect – 1. Engineer – 0). There are 4 pieces because we purchased these as-is for a couple bucks each at our local architectural salvage shop. They used to be hung in a retail store somewhere in Pittsburgh. You would be proud!

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