The birth of our boy-girl twins in 2016 prompted a move back to Virginia where we have settled in the Richmond suburb of Midlothian. Our new home includes a separate apartment which we outfitted with a mixture of new and previously owned items and listed on Airbnb for several years. We had the privilege of hosting many wonderful individuals and couples as they transitioned to our area.


Our first home was a split level house in Pittsburgh, PA which we renovated and furnished on a budget — but we found to perfectly suit our family and our desire to live sustainably. We even forayed into renting out our spare bedroom on Airbnb for a period of time — an experience that brought so many wonderful people into our lives.

First Home

Difficult family circumstances in my early twenties led to a situation where I inherited large amounts of items from my parents’ home - including things that had belonged to my grandparents. I had to figure out how to take things that I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for myself and make them feel like my own. Consequently, I found a way to craft spaces that told the story of my past while also reflecting who I was. I mixed in newer pieces as well as pieces that I purchased from Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.


After college, I married my husband, Alex — an energy engineer focused on sustainable building — and found career opportunities in architecture, interior design, residential contracting, professional organizing, senior downsizing and chronic disorganization including hoarding.


I had a penchant for math so at some point was steered in the direction of architecture, which I pursued by attending Fairfax County’s prestigious Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology and in 2010, graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and an award in Design Excellence.


A native of Northern Virginia, I developed a passion for interior design early on in life, spending many hours after school watching things like “Trading Spaces” and “Design on a Dime.”


Lauren's Story

The name 'Circle G' finds its origins in the hearts of my Texan grandparents. Having spent most of their adult lives traveling the world with the U.S. Army, Frank & Carmen Gilchrist decided to retire in rural Virginia and built their dream home -- a ranch-style house they named 'Circle G Ranch.' It was a place of their own, carefully and lovingly tailored to represent their unique style.

In true Texas-fashion, Carmen gave Frank a cattle brand to commemorate the occasion - the imprint of which is the logo that now represents Circle G Designs.

behind the circle g

It’s no surprise that as the result of industrialization and rapid advances in technology and production over the last few centuries, the collective human race is up to our eyeballs in stuff. Our climate is changing and yet, life carries on — the impulse to create remains strong and our mental health is constantly challenged by an increasingly demanding culture of busyness.

In times of stress, I gravitate towards beauty. I want to come home at the end of the day to a beautiful, comfortable place — that reminds me of where I came from & the people I love while energizing me to go back out into the world.

I love to create spaces that incorporate new and old — utilizing older things that we may have inherited or collected over the years (and rescuing them from the landfill, I hope!) and mixing them with new things that inspire us. All together, I hope my designs for others will tell a story about who they are, who they hope to be, and where they come from with a focus on sustainability and positive mental health.

I also strive to design spaces that encourage organization that is specific to your lifestyle and the way you think. Organization not only promotes mental health and well being, but also helps us reduce our personal consumption by negating duplicate purchases and overbuying.

Grandmother's Chair

Target Rug

Ikea Bookshelves

(hand-embellished by me)

Vintage FB Marketplace Find

Great Grandfather's Desk

A Sustainable and Intentional Balance BEtween New & Old

My Design Philosophy

Ready to get organized & restore balance in your home?
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